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Document templates, DSHS forms, and other resources you'll need to help you graduate this course and get started as an AFH provider.

Joseph Spada created this 100% free resource to support his students and new AFH administrators. The private member area contains guides, templates, and resources designed to help you successfully complete the AFH Administrator Training program.

There is NO OBLIGATION to register. There is NOTHING FOR SALE. Registration or templates from this website are NOT required for attending or graduating this class. Everything is explained in class, these are additional complementary resources. 

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What's inside?

Various Forms

  • Resident Rights - ready to use.
  • Emergency Preparedness Guide Book
  • Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Incident Report

Policies Outlines and Examples

  • Guides for writing your AFH policies.
  • Sample Medicaid Policies for your AFH
  • Complaint Resolution Unit Poster (CRU Poster)

Assignment templates, outlines, and guides.

  • How to set up your AFH documentation system
  • WABO Building Inspection guide form
  • Links to relevant resources.

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